First Monday

Volume 10, Number 4 — 4 April 2005

The democratic divide
by Stephanie Birdsall

Piercing the peer–to–peer myths: An examination of the Canadian experience
by Michael Geist

‘Public eyes’: Direct accountability in an information age
by Albert Jacob Meijer

The limits of Web–based empowerment: Integrated water resource management case studies
by Mike Thelwall, Adrian Barlow, and Katie Vann

Computer–aided music distribution: The future of selection, retrieval and transmission
by Nancy Bogucki Duncan and Mark A. Fox

Teaching as performance in the electronic classroom
by Doug Brent

On becoming a Web site
by Punya Mishra

Conversations in the dark: How young people manage chatroom relationships
by Rob Walker and Babis Bakopoulos

Where does Web bibliographies’ author information come from?
by Timothy C. Craven

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