First Monday

Volume 8, Number 10 — October 6th 2003

Factors of regional/national success in information society developments: Information society strategies for candidate countries
by Marc Bogdanowicz, Jean-Claude Burgelman, Clara Centeno, Elisaveta Gourova, and Gérard Carat

Copyright and authors
by John Ewing

Democratizing software: Open source, the hacker ethic, and beyond
by Brent K. Jesiek

Where am I and who are 'we'?: Self-representation and the intersection of gender and ethnicity on the Web
by Linda Leung

Using the Internet to enable developing country universities to meet the challenges of globalization through collaborative virtual programmes
by Derek W. Keats, Maria Beebe, and Gunnar Kullenberg

Studying special collections and the Web: An analysis of practice
by Lorraine Normore

Victims of cyberstalking: An exploratory study of harassment perpetrated via the Internet
by Paul Bocij


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