First Monday

Volume 7, Number 9 - September 2nd 2002

The Social Life of Legal Information: First Impressions
by Paul Duguid

Children's Use of New Technology for Picture-Taking
by Ruth Garner, Yong Zhao, and Mark Gillingham

Keeping Out the Internet? Non-Democratic Legitimacy and Access to the Web
by Geoffry L. Taubman

An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Business-to-business Electronic Commerce Adoption on the Business Operations of Hong Kong Manufacturers
by Oliver B. Yau

The Network Society: A Shift in Cognitive Ecologies?
by Mathew Wall-Smith

Online Grocery Shopping: Consumer Motives, Concerns, and Business Models
by Mike Kempiak and Mark A. Fox

Digitisation and Its Asian Discontents: The Internet, Politics and Hacking in China and Indonesia
by Jeroen de Kloet

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