First Monday

Volume 7, Number 8 - August 5th 2002

Rip, Mix, Burn: The Politics of Peer to Peer and Copyright Law
by Kathy Bowrey and Matthew Rimmer

Intercultural Challenges in Networked Learning: Hard Technologies Meet Soft Skills
by Mackie Chase, Leah Macfadyen, Kenneth Reeder and Jörg Roche

The Potential of the Internet for Non-Profit Organizations
by Tessa Spencer

The Second-Level Digital Divide of the Web and Its Impact on Journalism
by Wiebke Loosen

Talking Past Each Other: Making Sense of the Debate over Electronic Publication
by David J. Solomon

Online Mission Statements: Briefly Stated
by George S. Cole

Hoax E-mails and Bonsai Kittens: Are You E-literate in the Docuverse?
by Angela Lewis

A Metadata Approach to Preservation of Digital Resources: The University of North Texas Libraries' Experience
by Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Samantha Kelly Hastings, and Cathy Nelson Hartman


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