First Monday

Volume 7, Number 1 — January 7th 2002

Sleepless in Belgrade: A Virtual Community during War
by Smiljana Antonijevic

"I don't watch TV to like learn anything": The Leisure Use of TV and the Internet
by Rich Ling and Kristin Thrane

Mapping the Information Society Literature: Topics, Perspectives, and Root Metaphors
by Isabel Álvarez and Brent Kilbourn

Object Lessons: Towards an Educational Theory of Technology
by Suzanne de Castell, Mary Bryson, and Jennifer Jenson

Finding Balance: The Vices of Our "Versus"
by Connie M. Moss

Globalization of Information: Intellectual Property Law Implications
by Kim Nayyer

Internet the Globalizer, and the Impossibility of the Impossibility of the Global Dialog
by Drazen Pantic

Music in the Age of Free Distribution: MP3 and Society
by Kostas Kasaras


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