First Monday

Volume 6, Number 5 — May 7th 2001

Circulating Libraries and Video Rental Stores
by Richard Roehl and Hal R. Varian

The Impact of the Internet on Myanmar
by Viola Krebs

Understanding Online Message Dissemination: An Analysis of "Send-this-story-to-your-friend" Data
by Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Managing Complex, Distributed Environments: Remote Meeting Technologies at the "Chaotic Fringe"
by Karen Ruhleder and Brigitte Jordan

The Work of Education in the Age of E-College
by Chris Werry

Transaction Costs and the Social Cost of Online Privacy
by Paul Sholtz

Policy Bridges for the Digital Divide: Assessing the Landscape and Gauging the Dimensions
by Paul M.A. Baker

Letter from Nebraska: Wiring the World
by Steve Cisler

Of Jeff Bezos and Leo Durocher
by Richard Wiggins

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