First Monday

Volume 5, Number 10 — October 2nd 2000

Free Riding on Gnutella
by Eytan Adar and Bernardo A. Huberman

Overcoming Regulatory and Technological Challenges To Bring Internet Access To a Sparsely Populated, Remote Area: A Case Study
by Ronel Smith

Empowering Women Through the Internet: Dutch Women Unite
by Karen Drost and Miriam Jorna

When Beggars Become Choosers
by Kasper Edwards

Cyberspace and the Concept of Democracy
by Fred Evans

Hello, Out There: A Look at Distance Education in Alaska
by María Elena Reyes and Claudette Bradley

The Given and the Made: Authenticity and Nature in Virtual Education
by Lee Herman and Alan Mandell

Al Gore and the Creation of the Internet
by Richard Wiggins

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