First Monday

Editors' Introduction

Monday, 2 September 1996

Commerce. Copyright. Privacy. Security. Content. These are some of the themes that have been emerging in the first few issues of "First Monday." These issues reflect larger concerns in the Internet community over trends to make this global network a much different place in the very near future.

We will publish in "First Monday" articles that represent as many points of view as possible on these and other themes. We hope that "First Monday" will be a catalyst for well-tempered debate and even resolution of these thorny problems. We look forward to your comments and encourage you to write to us and our authors.

We are looking at ways of expanding "First Monday." We plan to bring to these pages discussions that have been submerged in the Internet and in traditional academic journals. Many of these arguments need to reach a larger audience and we see "First Monday" as a stage for these dialogues.

Future issues of "First Monday" will continue to follow many of the themes examined in our first three issues. We are also looking forward to contributions on research in Internet publishing, on search engines, educational computing, and software development. We encourage you to take part in this publishing experiment by letting us know about your own work on the Internet. Review the guidelines on contributing to "First Monday". We always welcome your suggestions for topics for future issues. Our contributors always welcome your comments, too.

Edward J. Valauskas, Chief and Managing Editor

Esther Dyson, Consulting Editor

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, International Editor

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