First Monday

Robin Henshaw

Robin Henshaw is Metadata Editor of First Monday. Her research paper on metadata policy design won the Libri Best Student Paper Award 1999, and was published in Libri, the journal of international librarianship (Munich: K.G. Saur) in September 1999. She has written two papers for Libri on First Monday,

Robin Henshaw, 1999. "The First Monday Metadata Project," Libri, volume 49, pp. 125-131; and,
Robin Henshaw and Edward J. Valauskas, 2001. "Metadata as a Catalyst: Experiments with Metadata and Search Engines in the Internet Journal, First Monday," Libri, volume 51, pp. 86-101.

Henshaw has 12 years of online research and reference experience, including investigative research for a major newspaper. Other current projects include consulting work for a local private library, where a needs analysis led to the development of a cataloging database, indexing system and training of library staff. She received her Master's Degree in Library Science from Emporia State University in 1999.

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